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It’s a Friday night, or just that any night for that matter. You have decided today is the day you are going to get the D so when the guy you have been flirting with the whole week calls you to come over, you put on your best panties, and even throw in a matching bra, and off you go.

Everything is just right. The mood, the food, the moon, the little kisses he gives you. And then it gets hot in the room. It is that time to get what you went there for. The foreplay is good, he knows where to touch and where not to.

But just as the moment reaches, you find out that he is not hard. All along, he has been, but now, nothing. Just the softness of a cloud.

How do you go about that?

Truth is, if there’s anything more humiliating in sex, it’s the inability to make a guy a hard. That realization hits your deepest insecurities, and you might smile and assure him it’s fine because you figure he is probably feeling worse than you, but still, the feeling can be heart-wrenching.

When you get out of his house and reach yours the first thing you will do is strip naked in front of the mirror, look at your body and wonder if there’s something wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with you baby girl. And there’s nothing wrong with him either. The ability to get hard or not is rarely a guy’s choice. If it happens, it happens.

But if it’s not our fault, whose is it?


Plus, erectile dysfunction, even just a temporary one can be caused by very many other factors including:

  • Physical injury.
  • Diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, but those mainly affect the old men.
  • Stress disorder due to anxiety or nervousness to perform well during sex.
  • Alcohol consumption or smoking
  • Some medicine he might be taking.


So before any of you jump into conclusions and decide to put judgments on the inability to get hard, first know what might be causing the condition.

How do you cure it? 

It depends on the cause. If it’s a medical prescription that is causing it, he should go to the doctor and request for a different medication. If it’s due to alcohol consumption or smoking, he may want to reconsider some lifestyle changes.

So the next time he fails to rise to the occasion, do not bite your own head with humiliation. Understand why, urge him to seek help then later, allow him to rock your world!


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