Aka her Sausage - Fungaring!


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One night stands have been a standing tradition for ages now. The promise of great sex (or bad sex if you are unlucky) with a stranger for just one night, no string attached, no commitments; just pure satisfaction of your animalistic needs leaves much to be admired.

It’s no surprise then that this tradition has been upheld with guys more than ladies. Apparently, we are a gentler species and we can’t handle sex without emotions.

Well, if you still believe that, you need to wake up from the 18th-century dream you are in. Nowadays the field of one-night-stands is equally if not more, shared by both men and women.

It’s not a surprise finding a woman in the club looking for and marking her prey for the night. Or hearing that your lady friend wants to hook up with a guy (a total stranger or even a friend) just for a night.

It’s a common thing, so much so that it earned its own name. Sausage-fungaring.

So how exactly do women go about sausage –fungaring a guy? What makes a lady decide to sausage-funga?


This does not come as a surprise. Of course, everyone wants to hook up with attractive people.  And one night stands provide just the platform. You can eye this really hot guy who gives you tingles in your tummy; mark him; do this little thing to get yourself into his life (maybe invite him for a drink or befriend his close friend) and voila. You have your guy for the night. No need to know about his life or anything like that. Just fuck and that’s it.


Peer Pressure.

They say women influence each other a lot. And personally I don’t always like that statement. I believe that every woman is her own woman who can make her decisions without being influenced.

But when it comes to one night stands; other women play a great role in influencing you. Take this article for example; after reading this, some women will actually feel they are being left out of this sausage-fungaring experience and would want to experience it.

So yeah, sometimes we do it to appear cool to other women. Sue us.

Horny times.

You can’t have sex if you are not horny. That’s a fact. And when you are horny but there is no man to warm your bed every night; and you have no interest of there being such a man because of work or school or you’re just not ready; going out with and finding a sausage for the night might just be the solution.


The best way to get over someone is by getting under someone right? And a rebound, the person you hook up with immediately after a break up is not supposed to be boyfriend material. This is like number one on any lady-guide book.

So yeah, you want to fuck someone in order to forget your ex, get a sausage-funga.


Sometimes a one night stand just happens. You may not have planned for it, maybe you don’t even find this guy near attractive but you have gone to a bar and you have had a couple of drinks and then you meet this guy. Maybe he has even been your friend prior to this. And you start talking and little by little, you actually find him interesting; a sausage-funga material. You hook up for that night and decide the morning after, that it was just a one-night thing.


Don’t mistake a one night stand for a friend with benefits though most FWBs do start with one-night stands.


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