Why do chics friend zone us?


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Knowledge is power. That is why we need to share reasons as to why chilles put us into that friend zone box. With that information, we can jump out of that zone. Ama namna gani? Maisha ni kujipanga na kukachora with information. Here are the reasons why daughters of eve friend zone us. We men must wage against this zone.

They don’t see as us boyfriend material 

This is actually good. It means you can just be her friend with benefits. Chics might not see a lot of potential in us, too bad for them. They have their reasons and if she zones you too much, the sea is full of tasty tilapia.

We act like regular friends

Yezzir. If you are always making her laugh, taking photos with her, being there for her and you don’t make any moves beyond that, she will see you as a regular friend. Regular friends get zoned. You need to start making feel a little jealous every once in a while. Have hot conversations with her. Sext. Yes. You need to show her you can do more than just being friendly.

They keep us in parking

As in, they keep us in reserve. They are weighing other options. In this case, they are looking at other potential baes. This is the stage where she always seems like she wants to pursue more and then she goes home for the weekend and she comes back with mafeelings and you can’t even understand what’s going on with her. Break this by showing you also have other options.

They just don’t like us

This is not complicated at all. You will see it in how she behaves. If she’s always detached, there is almost zero hope here. You’ll know what to do next.



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