Why do they REALLY send nudes?


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In college a lot of chatting leads to more than exchange of sweet and flirtatious words. Words turn to emojis and soon before you know it, the person vibing you graduates to nudes. We have probably found ourselves in that situation where the other party just feels like sending nudes without your asking. You either ‘lol’ or gross at them, right? What to do now? Why do they think you would want to see their genitals? Here are some of the thought i gathered of why the opposite sex really sends nudes

Fantasy projection

Let us all first admit that It turns us on like crazy when a guy/chic randomly sends us naughty pictures of themselves. It is common for the opposite sex to project their sexual fantasies towards people they feel for. In most cases, by the time someone sends nudes to you, you have led them to thinking that there could be something. They go ahead believing that their desire was more reciprocated than was actually the case.

(Side bar: for the senders expect others to get freaked out and others will just let it be pleasurable instead.)

Making moves

Sending nudes is a power move. Unsolicited nudes or not, they send them because they feel like it could be the ultimate game changer. Most people would want to elicit a reaction from the recipient. At times it might not be well received as it can be perceived as blatant harassment. Either way, they send them expecting to trigger a certain sexual move.

Because, technology

So why not? The internet has made everything so easy. With Snapchat having a mechanic of disappearing snaps, it is now easier to surprise people with d*** pics and what not. Now that is is safer than ever before to send nudes, after minimal conversations come nudes. It is now an easy mechanic of showing nudes with all anonymity and moving on if not ‘accepted.’

They think it is sexy

Believe it or not, there are people who think that it is a sexy thing to do. You might be a victim of the same thought. Everyone is entitled to their own sexual preferences. Perhaps unsolicited nudes can totally turn one on and put of another. Perhaps what would make it better is if the senders strike up a sexy conversation first and then send it (with approval) while the receivers are at home and relaxed, instead of in the middle of class when they are trying to review for a paper.

They are going straight to the point

Bam! It hits you like a bomb. More of, “do you want some of this ,or naah?” The reason why they send their sexual organs is to get sex out of the conversation. Makes total sense right? Needless to say that such conversations are for parties who are not looking for anything serious.

It provides sexual satisfaction

To those who take over-the-internet pleasure seriously. Since sexual organs are involved, a lot of thought is not put into the sending(clearly). The ultimate result is to have the pictures shared by both parties and perhaps have sex as the end result. If not, perhaps masturbation?

Why else do you think peeps send nudes?



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