One night stands chronicles!


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Ever since my last breakup, I have come to realize that single life is awesome. It feels so good to know that I’m not obliged to answer to anybody, something that has made me fall in love with ‘one night stands’. I can bang anyone, anytime, anywhere and I won’t feel any guilt at all. It’s a one and done, hit and quit, smash and dash lifestyle!

With the rise of numerous concerts featuring international acts in the country, my party life has been spiced up quite a bit. I have been utilizing my widespread connections to make sure I attend each and every concert that goes down in town. They make the perfect grounds for my hunting escapades. I can never go back home empty handed.

There must always be some ‘yengs’ looking to have a nice time after the event. All you need is to have that ‘taxi fare’ my guy. And you can also buy a ‘quarter’ to make sure you ‘marinate’ her well on your way to the ‘crib’. Now
here’s why I love these one night stands:

There are no strings attached. Most of the time we just want to smash and have a nice time. That’s just the way it is. And don’t be fooled that this is just a guy’s thing, even girls nowadays at times just want to be smashed
and get rid of those ‘nyegez’.


It is always more satisfying being able to fulfil your physical desires without having to know someone and having to deal with the emotional baggage that comes with it. Or even worse, having to have their back and handle their life problems! It also gives you the chance to reveal your nasty side in bed, something that you would be shy of doing with someone you know.

Probably, if things don’t go according to plan, you can always wake up, part ways and forget that it ever happened. After all, you’re both strangers to each other. It’s the easiest way of ghosting people. One night stands simply mean no attachments! I would advise you not to keep in touch after them because chances are, you will end up hooking up again.

She’s a one nighter and you don’t owe her anything! In the morning you can tell her anything to get rid of her. However if it so happens that you maintain a connection after that and end up getting bored of her later, it’s always very easy to ghost her. You can use any excuse, ranging from ‘I have a wife’ to ‘I travelled to the countryside’.


Consider a one-night stander as a ‘bang mate’. You can always call her for another one night stand and ghost out again. It’s interesting to experience the chase every time you want to get some. After all, who doesn’t love the chase? Flirting, making the moves and then ending up with some sex to crown the night or ending up in bed tired and alone, haha. It’s a new and exciting experience every time you go out.

You get to learn a lot about people’s cultures and how they respond to various vibes. It also sharpens your skills since you learn from every failure and borrow from every success. You get to interact with an array of women and that makes you understand every type of lady and how to approach each of them. You can as well end up being a guru in bed, let alone in seducing women!


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