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Before I even start speaking for anyone else, let us kick off with me. I have always found myself being a lover of guys who possess what I would call the ‘dark triad’. I know that sounds like a machiavellian type of guy, but hey ,how else would you describe a bad boy? Exactly. I am not talking about the movie bad boy who asks me to help him rob a bank and we ran away in the sunset throwing money in the air. Most of my friends have also fallen victim of such. I have wiped their tears more than once because the same old story keeps coming up. They are addicted to these bad boys, and they keep going back and forth for more and more. Most girls do anyway. If you ask  them, they will always choose a bad boy over the good guy. Life has handed me both worlds, so I am in the best of positions to explain why we fall for these so called bad boys. Here is why:

They are so damn attractive!

Believe me, most of  the not-so-good looking guys have a good looking heart and that leaves the handsome ones with a really dark heart. There is not  bad boy that I have met or probably dated that does not make me squirm in my chair before he even speaks. For the good guys, you have to give them a ‘second chance’ by letting them speak because the first chance of looks is probably gone. See, the thing about these hot boys is that they get away with the looks. Girls then tend to assume that they are kind, smart and confident (even though it might be entirely false.) They have likable facial expressions and are generally confident even in the way they approach a girl.

I can change him.

Chics are generally made to correct. Victims of this might deny it. I did! You might get into something with a bad boy with the notion of making him better. It’s a challenge for us to reform an incorrigible man. Also, some chics fall for these bad boys because their fathers might have been boys too. It then becomes an urge to redo the father-daughter relationship. Bitter truth be said, it is often an attraction fueled by unmet childhood needs by daddy. Simply put, we were born to be rescuers.

Belt up, we are going for a ride!

Yeap, except we forget to belt up and soon we end up doing mashups of  Beyonce’s lemonade. We expect a lot of adventure. But it is all dust to side-chics. See what I did there? Lemonade! haha! The movie version of this would probably be motorcycles and dare-devil trips. Truth be told, bad boys do know how to have a good time.Yes, they might be selfish, rule breaking and imprudent, but the traits that come out during adventures is temerariousness, bravery and independence. If you are a good girl you might find the rule breaking so thrilling because you are probably used to regulations all your life.

How do these kind of relationships end up though? Epic fail.

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