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Everybody is having sex. Everybody is into the hook up culture. So what happens when you are the only one in your circle who is not into the one night stands and sudden hookups? Here is why you should feel totally normal about it:

You are emotional
Emotions get in the way of the hook up culture. If you tend to feel attached to someone after lungula, then kuchotwa in the club is definitely not for you. I repeat, it is not for you.

You are not in a good place, mentally
Feelings of disgust and regret are most likely to follow if you are not ready to have casual sex. If the thought of a booty call or a one night stand immediately frustrates you without even carrying out, you better back out immediately and get a plan to mend your head first.

You are afraid of being rude if you leave
Your well raised ass is not for such. You will not know how to leave without sounding like a dick? Trust me, it is totally okay to feel like that. Awkward moments like these can be avoided by not just digging the whole hook up culture.

You don’t want to be judged
If you are scared of being judged after that walk of shame in this double standard world, then you my friend should not dare think of a one-night stand. If you are that person who will stand In front of a mirror and accept other peoples criticism for having casual sex, you are not a player in this culture. And guess what? It is just fine.

You enjoy sex in relationship
We all have that security and assurance that sex with a loyal and faithful partner is better in so many ways. This way, you won’t have you feel bad about being vocal and cozy with your partner in all ways.

You know you will not feel safe
I mean, you are meeting this guy/chic for the first time maybe. You don’t know their favorite position. You are even doubting if they are good kissers. You probably don’t even know if he or she is a serial killer. Yikes! Run!

You are looking for love
Fucking and making love are two different things. People tend to think that “one night” stands could magically transform into marriage proposals or “few years” stands. Do not go looking for love in all the wrong places.

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