Men, this is why you get blue ticked!


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Boy-child keeps on complaining about getting blue ticks left, right and centre. The problem is not on us women, but your weak texting game. Blue ticks are the most annoying things you can ever get. It has been said a couple of times that women are the sensei’s when it comes to leaving a guy on read. This is not entirely a woman’s problem. Sometimes blue ticks are better than a savage answer. Your texting game being in the ICU may be the reason why you are always getting blue ticks.

If you’re not interesting, you will definitely be a victim of them. There is nothing more annoying than small talk. After you have asked how her day was and if she has eaten what next? You should make a girl wait for your text anxiously. Find something she is really interested in and have topics to talk about. It might be the least of your interests but it will save you from the shame of always getting blue ticked.

Women always thrive in attention. This is no secret. However, too much of something is poisonous. If you are always on her case, she will quickly get tired of you. Give her time to miss you a bit. A clingy man shows how desperate he is and desperate is not sexy. This gets worse if she doesn’t like you back. As much as I have said give her space to miss you, don’t take too long to reply. Women are gifted when it comes to revenge. You leave her on read for a day without an explanation; she will leave you on read your entire lifetime. She will lose interest in you. This is how you lose your potential lover. It doesn’t mean that you have to be on your phone the whole time. If you are busy, let her know that you will talk to her later.

Communication is key even if you’re not dating her. It’s in a man to not give up on someone. Men don’t take no easily. They will go to the moon and back just to get you even if it’s just to build his ego. This is one of the major reasons why women blue tick. If she says no to your request then you keep on pushing, she will not waste her time talking to you. She will leave you on read to make it clear that she’s not interested. ‘Where did you get my number?’ is a question that will determine if she will leave you on read or she will continue entertaining you.


It’s common courtesy to say where you got her number. She won’t kill you for wanting her number. Do men realize how creepy it is if someone randomly has your number and wants you to be friends? Just answer the question and if she still doesn’t want to talk to you, just slide out of her inbox. Sometimes, you are the ones who ask for the blue ticks. If you send her a text that does not require a reply. What do you expect her to do? You should make sure that the direction you lead the conversation to will not just stop out of the blues. Also, don’t make her always be the one to find something to talk about. Women get tired really quickly and that is how she will leave you on read. With this said, men should really improve on their text game and stop blaming women for blue ticking them.

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