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If you’d ask any man what package a sex goddess comes with, more often than not they’ll talk about one who sucks dick. The wamnyonyez who give head, deep throats, doesn’t gag or gyrate dick on their teeth and one who makes their Mister cum. Whether a woman should spit or swallow your cum depends on her and what she feels for you. Most men insist that a woman should swallow their cum. It’s either for their ego boost or they feel rejected when a woman spits out their cum. Here are 3 reasons why she spits it out.

  1. Horrible favour.

Women who give head could attest to the fact that cum has a horrible taste. Flavouring your cum would turn your woman into a sex goddess overnight. She’ll savour the taste of your cum and thirst for more. You have to put in some work though. Alter your diet and include fruits and vegetables that will give your cum a sweeter taste. Pineapples are a good way to jumpstart your cum flavouring.

  1. STIs scare.

No doubt STIs such as gonorrhea, HPV and HIV are spread through cum. If you want your woman to feel secure about giving you a BJ, clear the air about your health and voila, she’ll swallow it whole.


  1. Minus feelings.

If she still spits out your cum even after flavouring it and clearing the air about your HIV status, then she lacks passion for you. If she spits it out and shows it to you on your face, then she probably hates you. It could be you force your dick through her mouth then she creates a bad attitude towards giving head. Or she just wants to suck it so that you can return the favor; so according to her you are just a sex slave.

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