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We hear it over and over again: it’s not what you know; it’s who you know. But if you don’t know anyone, how can you get started? People buy from people they like, they hire people they like, they give opportunities to people they like. It is time that you get up and start exchanging those contacts to better yourself. Here are a few ways off how you can better yourself:

Be positive about networking. We tend to feel ghat networking is a burden and  a just a way of climbing up the social ladder. We think that it is all about knowing people and kissing their feet. Well, once we change this negativity and see it as it is, we will have done a lot to save ourselves an our careers. 

Know a few things out of your interest. It is good to know what you are good at. When you go to network, the things that you are good will most likely draw you to connect with certain people. However, networking is not a table of cocktails. Expect to encounter conversations on things that are out of your comfort zone. Expect to learn more as well. The more diverse you are, the better for you.

Be proactive. Networking proactively helps you get a slot anytime you are in need. Networking proactively provides an advantage by supporting you with a powerful collection of people who are willing and able to speak for you on an ongoing basis.

Be strategic. Attend the right functions while well prepared according to the people in attendance. In a high end event, be professional an dress well as well.

Create a diverse network.  Always have useful contacts even for the opportunities that you think least matter to you. In order to network effectively, you need to move out of your comfort zone and identify people who can help your career, not just those people you like. Find more than 3 people who you can help you get an opportunity.

Keep in touch with former colleagues and students. You just never know who can recommend you for certain opportunities. Keep your former classmates and colleagues close you. They might end up being your bosses as well.

Keep your social media networks alive. Someone approaches us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, or any other social network and asks to connect and our first response is to say okay. We end up with a huge network of people we don’t know and who offer us no value. It’s wiser to look carefully at their profiles to determine if you want that person in your network. Find people with the same interest as you who are as dedicated as you are.



Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.


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