The morbid truth about the ku-flash trend!


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The internet exploded with joy and ratchet-driven ambitions when Konshens landed in Kenya for his eagerly awaited show at Ngong Race Course last Saturday. To many, the show wouldn’t have been an eventful one without a lot of the questionable decisions made. The kind of crazy standards that had been set by keyboard gurus all over social media had built a lot of pressure for the youth to meet the so-called dancehall music culture of dry humping and grinding often seen in Jamaican dancehall videos. What most people didn’t expect was the Jaccuzi drama that exploded backstage during the event.

The highlight of the event ended up being a confrontation that took place between rapper Barack Jaccuzi and his girlfriend Kairetu. The two caught people’s attention when Kairetu confronted Jaccuzi for denying ever dating her. The dramatic girlfriend went on to confess that she had in fact carried out three abortions as a result of her relationship with Jaccuzi.

It was quite evident even from previous social media posts that the two had been having a lovely time together in the past. Even though the incident sparked social media outrage and criticism, the fact still remained that this was a perfect reflection of the society we live in today. The rate of abortions being carried out by young girls in the country is continuously on the rise despite the humongous contraceptive awareness campaigns and sexual health education initiatives.

Why is “Ku-flash” becoming a trend? When the country was hit with the headlines “The Nairobi River of ‘Death’”, everyone became suddenly concerned showing apparent empathy to the affected individuals. The discovery of over 8 fetuses dumped along the Nairobi River raised an alarm as to the increasing number of abortions being procured by the youth especially teenagers within the city.

Most go unnoticed, but a greater percentage find their way into the hospital as a result of opting for unsafe methods from unregistered health officials which result in health complications. These practices are increasingly proving costly to the country as more millions are being spent on treatment to deal with complications resulting from unsafe abortions.


According to the estimates, about Ksh. 432.7 million was spent in the same year to deal with patients who had succumbed to these complications. A figure that comes out to be double the estimated cost of increasing contraceptive access to 100,000 women. Marie Stopes Kenya, an organization that assists women and girls in cases of unplanned pregnancy crisis provides guidance and counselling in such situations in addition to providing safe abortion options if necessary by law. Family Health Options is an organisation that offers post-abortion care to individuals in need.

For more information on Youth Abortions grab a copy of The Outsyder in The Nairobian tomorrow.

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