Zzero Sufuri’s joint reaches new high, find out how high


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As the debate to legalise marijuana rages on, perhaps one of the most popular Kenyan musical dedications to the hallucinogen has reached a digital milestone. Zzero Sufuri’s ‘Zimenishika’ video crossed the 1 million views mark on YouTube a few days ago. Lighter!

This came slightly over 2 months after its release on April 22nd, 2019.

While this may appear a pedestrian achievement for the most established acts like Sauti Sol, Octo and
Khali, this feat is a further testament that the #ChafuaMahewa sound is the real deal.

Zzero Sufuri’s follow up joint (no pun intended) to ‘Zimenishika’ known as ‘Matisha’ has already racked up
about 230k views after 2 weeks. Sailors’ ‘Wamlambez’ has peaked 1.1m views in just 2.5 months. And
with Ethic scaling to about 850k views in just about a week, it’s hard to believe that a year ago no one
knew about the K-South/Umoja hip hop crew.

And as I rewind and wheel it back to ‘Zimenishika’ it’s hard to believe that the one-man, moral police,
Zeke Mutua hasn’t gotten a whiff of this joint, yet.

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